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Please feel free to browse my shop, to order please email me at with the item you would like and mailing address. All payments are now through my paypal and not my site.

Hello, I'm Charlotte Victoria and this is a little bit about my work .
As an artist who has always been drawn to the darker side of life. I noticed
there was a distinct gap in the Gothic, macabre market. Sure there are thousands
of skull related Gothic merchandise, however I noticed there was a lack of elegant
macabre imagery with a Victorian twist, because for me , Gothic isn't about death
or anything grim its about elegance, beauty and decadence.
The gap in the market I noticed also extended to macabre witchcraft imagery
so guess what , I've catered for that too, so now when you need macabre Gothic
or witchy gifts and art work with a dark elegant twist you can visit
Charlies Crazy couture and I can cater for every one of your darkest needs .
problem solved

Feel free to ask me anything, I accept commission/ custom orders
I also accept wholesale

Feel free to follow me on my social media accounts for more updates
and give aways


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Happy customers 

couture shop logo

Beth on 28 Oct, 2021


it was a lovely patch, my mum loved it for her birthday

Hex the patriarchy 9 cm sew on patch 

five stars
hex patch
five stars

El on 15 Jan, 2021 

Gorgeous product and really fast delivery. I opted to sew it on as I find it a relaxing past time but the iron on element was also good quality. My love for Adam Ant lives on!


five stars

Ciara on 20 Sep, 2021 

super fast shipping, and it'll be perfect for my friend Debbie. Plus the red envelop really sets it apart


Morticia Addams birthday card

Morticia Addams card
five stars

Luna on 09 Jan, 2021  

Amazing quality! The print is absolutely gorgeous and the shop owner was very nice and caring. I'm very happy with my new mug. Thank you so much!


five stars

Zoe on 07 Jan, 2021

   Wow what a beauty!!!! Came exactly on time lovely packaged and yes I did drink from it and felt so happy too. This is a lovely mug and one to drink with pride.


five stars

Caitlin on 05 Jan, 2021  

Came just as shown and packed so nicely! Very happy:)

five stars

Sarah on 27 Dec, 2020

  I absolutely love this, Fantastic design with a quote I use all the time. I had to have it!


five stars

Eilidh on 17 Dec, 2020


The seller was so helpful, got back to me super quickly when I asked questions and posted the item really quickly after purchase. The mug was packaged really securely too!

Xanth on 01 Sep, 2021


I ADORE this patch! it looks brilliant on my bag!

  Hex the patriarchy 9cm patch 

five stars
patch 123.jpg

Phoebe on 28 Aug, 2021

Amazing customer service for my custom Bowie back patch!! In love

qman on 26 Aug, 2021


Amazing look and quality showed up in great timing I love it would for sure recommend to anyone

five stars
five stars
bowie patch pic.jpg
five stars
ferry mug

Gaby on 10 Jan, 2021


This incredible likeness of the epitome of contemporary culture is exquisite both in print quality and in the quality of the work itself. The pun on the lyrics from Roxy Music’s critically acclaimed third album not only provides an evident passion but a budding comedic creativity to the mug. The delivery came amply packaged and the mug itself is a classic ceramic design, the handle is load bearing of a full cup of tea or a heavier density of coffee, you can tilt the cup at many angles and the handle will keep a good grip, all in all - a great purchase.

Black Barby Music Festival Black Barby Music Festival

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